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What is an Occasional Invader?

There are lots of different types of pest species found in our country. Some pests rely on human communities, and houses in particular to breed, feed themselves, and to continue their journey. These are called structural pests, and they can infest your house in order to create a permanent colony, unless you hire a pest control service provider and eliminate them.

On the other hand, occasional pests are the ones which have to invade our houses in extreme weather conditions for food and shelter. While these pests usually do not destroy your house, they are definitely the result of pest entry points in our houses. This is the main reason why you should take proper steps to close any pest entry points in your house to make it safer in all weather conditions.

Occasional Invaders

Occasional invaders include pillbug, clover mite, crickets, millipede and a few others.

Occasional invader species rise in numbers in extreme weather conditions. They breed in humid conditions. In addition to your house, these pests can also affect business facilities.

Occasional pests won’t deliver any significant damage to your business facility or house structure, but some of them can definitely damage fabrics and plants.

If you have occasional invaders in your house, you should be less concerned about them, and more concerned about the pest entry points they used. The same points can later be used by other pests which can cause a permanent pest infestation in your house.

Getting Rid of Occasional Invaders

If you’re concerned about occasional invaders, here are a few simple steps you can take for occasional invader treatment.

  • When occasional pests enter your business, you should detect pest entry points through which they might be entering.
  • Avoid any moist things, like vegetation and mulch around your business.
  • Use door sweeps.