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Want a Carpet in Your Bathroom? Here’s How You Should Clean It

Generally speaking, people who are looking to buy some kind of a carpet that can cover the entirety of their hardwood or stone floors will be given the recommendation that they should avoid placing it in any rooms that have running water. This usually includes your kitchen and bathroom, and while we would agree that placing a carpet in your kitchen is a fool’s errand, suffice it to say that bathroom carpeting is an interesting concept that many are intrigued by due to how different and out of the box it might seem to them.

The only thing that might become an insurmountable obstacle in your pursuit of adding a carpet to your bathroom is that it would get dirty a lot faster than rugs in other parts of your home because of the fact that bacteria laden water would frequently be spilled on it. It is imperative that you do weekly carpet stains removal for your bathroom carpet, since this can make it so that you can use it without giving rise to new species of bacteria that can cause human suffering and illness.

The idea of putting a carpet in a bathroom might seem odd to some, but it has a lot of benefits that don’t immediately come to mind. For example, you can avoid soap scum forming on your bathroom tiles if there is a rug on them. On top of all of that, bathroom rugs with special fibers can collect water and prevent it from staying dormant on your bathroom floor. Wet bathroom floors can be birthing grounds for mosquitoes with all sorts of diseases like malaria and dengue.