Top 4 Summer Hair Styles You Should Definitely Try Out

Summer is a great season for trying out new things, and one of the many things that you are going to get if you want to try out new things this summer is a new hairstyle. Summer hairstyles are different than winter hairstyles because of the fact that you can actually do something with your hair. During the winter a lot of the time your hair is going to be covered by a beanie or something of that sort which means that you won’t be able to show your hairstyle off. Now that summer is here, here are some of the top hairstyles that you could go for during this season:

#1 The Medium Length Brush Back

Not everyone likes short hair, but sometimes during the summer you need to crop your hair short so that you can recover from the heat a little bit. Still, long hair is stylish, so the medium length brush back is going to be a nice middle ground that you can bring yourself to all in all. The brush back will help keep the hair out of your eyes as well which is quite practical.

#2 The Buzz Fade

This is a great hairstyle for people that don’t really want to have to style their hair on a regular basis and also want to beat the summer heat. The buzz fade is going to be particularly good for people that have tight curls as it will make these curls a little more manageable all in all. The great thing about this cut is that it’s so easy to manage, and you won’t have to worry about any kinds of styling as well which is going to be quite convenient for you all in all.

#3 The Brushed Back Medium Crop

This is similar to the medium length brush back but it’s a little different in that the hair is cropped on the sides which makes for a cooler feel all in all. The brush back once again will prevent hair from coming into your eyes, and this is the perfect hairstyle for people that are a little older and still want to be able to look as stylish as possible without having to think about the various ways in which their hairstyles could end up going wrong if they’re not careful.

#4 Full Bald

This may seem like a bold move but these days a lot of people are going for the full bald look and pulling it off. Two examples would be Dwayne Johnson who has been rocking this look for quite some time now as well as John Travolta who recently started sporting this look and has been looking quite good because of it. This is a tough look to pull off but if you try it out you might be surprised at the various options it could potentially end up giving you with the apparel you can pair with it.