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How to Dilute Pool Chlorine For Pressure Washing

By far the most common way for people to pressure wash a given surface is to use water and rely on the intensity with which the water is expelled to get things as clean as they want them to be. That said, sometimes the situation might require a bit more of a proactive approach. Water is a very effective substance for cleaning, but it can be hard for it to break through certain compounds and bacteria can actually thrive in water so you definitely need an additional element if you want to keep them at bay once all has been said and is now out of the way.

Some people might assume that they need to buy some truly industrial grade chemicals if they want to take part in pressure washing near me, but that is not necessarily that case. The reason behind this is that you can just walk into a local store that offers pool supplies and buy some chlorine off of them. Chlorine is an excellent chemical to use while pressure washing because of the fact that it has some antibacterial properties that can make you less prone to illness than might have been the case otherwise.

You need to dilute your chlorine before using it, though, because it also has a corrosive effect if it is too concentrated. The right dilution ratio for pool chlorine as far as pressure washing is concerned is about one part chlorine to nine parts water. That means that ten percent of your cleaning solution should consist of chlorine at the very most, and you might want to try out smaller quantities when you are first getting started.