How to Become a Pro Clay Pigeon Thrower in 3 Ways

There was a time when pigeon-throwing (or shooting) was considered a thrilling pastime, that is, back in the 19th century, but today, it is an evergreen sport. Fast forward to our generation where the sport is still alive and a major part of the Olympics as well. Moreover, beginners can even disable their shotguns and fire laser targets instead of clay pigeons in an attempt to learn the sport more keenly for participation.

Given that you have the best clay pigeon thrower with you, we have mentioned 3 tips that can help you become a pro in the sport.

Observe The Target as You Prepare Yourself For Shooting

Most clay pigeon throwers miss the target because they aren’t envisioning their leads properly. While this method can be slightly difficult to observe when you’re on the field, it’s nevertheless, highly important. Have you ever considering using a pre-shot routine? Set a trap for the target within your mind. As you prepare yourself for action, consider finalizing your shot instead of pulling the trigger in haste.

Keep The Gun Below Your Target’s Line of Flight

Clay pigeon throwers are apparently told to align their guns in line with the target, that is, right in front, but many experts believe that keeping them ‘below’ is actually the way to go. Most players miss their targets because their gun blocks their vision. Focus the barrel of your gun below the line of the target so that your vision doesn’t block out the crossing bird and you don’t miss it under any circumstance.

Don’t Lift Your Head

Concentration is very important when clay-pigeon throwing or skeet-shooting. Once you lose your concentration, you are out of the game and losing to your opponent. To ensure that you don’t miss your target, don’t lift up your head and look in line of distractions. Always remember – your head and eyes are in line with the gun, and once you lose the momentum, it’s lost forever.