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How Much Does It Cost For a Private Investigator

Two people that have been married for more than a year and who have achieved a reasonable level of financial independence will inevitably want to have a few kids at any given point in time. A big part of the reason why that is the case has to do with the fact that your kids will be the next step in your family’s generational voyage, and you would be eager to pass on your beliefs down to them as well as invest in their well being and education in whatever way, shape or form is feasible for you.

However, it is quite likely that your marriage would deteriorate to the point where it would start to collapse entirely, and whenever this occurs your only thought would be to make sure that your kids stay with you. Suffice it to say that the legal system is engineered to make it very hard for men to maintain legal custody, which is why you might need to hire a private investigator Denver if you don’t want to be restricted from seeing your children.

You’d need to spend around a hundred dollars an hour on a private investigator that can enable you to get the upper hand. Doing so can allow you to obtain unrestricted access to your children instead of being forced to only see them on alternate weekends at the most. The total cost will probably be around five hundred to a thousand dollars since your hired PI would only need about five to ten hours to find out the information that can convince a judge that you are the parent that should ideally be given sole custody.