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How Many PSI is Good For Pressure Washing a House?

Calculating the amount of pressure that you are about to use is a crucial aspect of optimizing any and all power washing activities that you are about to focus your resources and mental faculties on. There is a pretty good chance that the wrong pressure can do a huge amount of harm to the surfaces that you aim the water jets at, which means that figuring out what the ideal rate of pressure might be is a useful thing to spend some time on.

A great way to ascertain the perfect level of pressure for a pressure washing service Dayton is to use the PSI figure. This is because of the fact that PSI stands for pressure per square inch, so coming up with the most suitable figure here will enable you to ensure that the overall pressure remains consistent across the entirety of your task. If we were to take the example of a whole house pressure washing gig, you should know that a PSI of around 3,000 is usually though to be the sweet spot.

The truth of the situation is that 3,000 PSI lets you generate enough pressure to wash dirt away with ease without increasing it to a point where it would no longer be feasible enough for you to suitably rely on. Pressure that is far over the upper range of what should be used can result in scoring and scratch marks, both of which are things that can detract from the appearance of your home in more ways than one. You can take the PSI up to 3,500 in certain cases, but anything beyond that is a no go zone.