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Glass Blunts: The Perfect Option For People Who Cannot Roll

Most of our first experience smoking marijuana has involved the use of rolled cigarettes. This is acceptable and fine, and a lot of people will continue smoking dry herbs this way and might experiment with bongs and pipes every now and then. However, if you can recall your first few times rolling a joint and the number of times you dropped everything with your shaky hands, it is understandable why a lot of people choose not to roll ever. Rolling can be difficult to master, and if you struggle with rolling or are just looking for something different, then you should consider getting a glass blunt. If you want to bulk buy and get it for cheap, you should look into wholesale glass blunts on the internet.

There are a variety of different designs and styles when it comes to glass blunts, but they all work pretty much the same. The dry herbs are placed inside the blunt, you light one end once, and then you use the mouthpiece to smoke from the blunt.

Glass blunts remove the need for papers and for rolling. Plus, if you have a simple glass blunt, your prep time is cut down significantly since you do not have to struggle with paper or roaches. You can just fill your blunt, and then smoke it with ease. Once you are done smoking from your blunt, you can tap out and remove the leftover residue with ease by tapping it out and then giving it a quick cleaning. This allows for a quicker, simpler, and generally more discreet way to smoke your dry herbs. You will find a variety of people that are huge advocates for it and claim that it is the best way to enjoy your herbs, and there might be some truth to it.