Everything there is to Know About Telescopic Ladders: A Guide

If you are someone who has always found the idea of telescopic ladders fascinating but since there are so many different opinions and rumors floating around ever since an incident happened back in 2017, some people are cautious and wary of investing in them. So this article will serve as a guide for telescopic ladders and also help in busting all the useless and unnecessary myths about them.

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The Incident

Essentially that incident was that about thirty thousand plus units were pulled from the stores and different supermarkets because telescopic ladders were deemed unsafe for practice. However, that was just one batch had some manufacturing defects. The ones you find in the market now are perfectly safe to be used.

Safety levels

Telescopic ladder, like we mentioned above, are completely safe to use since they pass through quality control units before they are put in the market. If you want to be extra sure about it, we’d recommend that you invest in the one that has been certified as EN131, since it is your right to have conformity certification from them. There are certain set standards that the manufacturers have to follow in order to be certified by the authorities or else they aren’t considered safe for usage. So next time you find yourself in the market look through the certified ladders section, you will find the right variant to invest in. This ensures safety of the consumer and also makes it a point that consumers know that their safety is prioritized.