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Does Pressure Washing Damage Stone?

Most homes these days are built with concrete, with some being constructed with wood instead although that only happens in areas with excessive quantities of timber nearby. You might occasionally find homes that use red bricks despite their shocking drop in popularity, but something that might be even rarer would be houses made out of stone. The reason behind this is that stone can be a tough material to build homes with, but it gives a feeling of solidity and permanence that many members of the upper crust would enjoy.

Stone homes that are made with distinct blocks can sometimes use angles and designs that are decidedly out of the ordinary. Hence, even the best pressure washing equipment and skills can have a hard time cleaning it without pouring water into the cracks that are actually a core aesthetic component of this building type. However, we feel like many people overestimate the destruction that power washing can wreak on stone structures, since it’s physically impossible to create pressure that can pierce the stone entirely once all has been said and is now out of the way.

That said, pressure washing can slowly erode the outer layers of stone over an extended period of time, and that means that lowering the forceful nature of your water jets is something that would serve you well. Soft washing or low pressure washing is the most ideal cleaning solution for stone, and it can limit the chances of it getting damaged. There’s always a way to protect surfaces from pressure washing that is a bit too over the top, which is why getting some training before using this technique is so essential for people.