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Best Things to Do in Roanoke

Roanoke is one of the best places to visit this summer. You can enjoy this destination to its fullest no matter whether you’re a culture tourist, or loves to explore different outdoor destinations and enjoys adventures to their fullest.

Usually, people head to Roanoke year-round for things like hiking, boating, rock climbing, and sport fishing. However, if you’re an urban explorer, you’d be greeted with amazing greenways, good dining places, shopping opportunities, and lots of other culture related things. In short, Roanoke has something for every visitor, and you should explore this amazing valley as well.

Here are some of the best things to do in Roanoke.

Trails on The Mill Mountain

Mill Mountain in Roanoke is famous for its 10 miles long mountain biking trail. People also love to hike and walk on the same trails. This makes those trails multi-use trails. You can visit and enjoy the trails in every season.

If you consider yourself a good biker, you should definitely try the Mill Mountain Star Trail. This trails has some amazing scenes to offer on either sides. Also, there is very good parking available for anyone who might want to try biking for a while. So, this is definitely worth trying.

Lake Smith

The Smith Mountain Lake is one of the most popular lakes in the region, and has over 500 miles of shoreline. You can also enjoy fishing here, as the lake has a big population of striped bass fish. All the fisheries in the state make sure that the striped bass population is never exhausted in the lake.

There are many expert fishing services available in the area which you can use to good fishing gear, bait, and a piece of advice from the professionals.

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