Benefits of Becoming an Opry VIP

Visiting Grand Ole Opry is a graceful way of spending an evening by enjoying fine performances live. This experience can get even better if your sign up to be a VIP guest of the grand ole opry.

Not convinced yet? Here are some of the benefits that you can avail by becoming a VIP guest of the grand ole opry.

You Can Enjoy The Circle Room Experience

Circle rooms are named so because of the famous wooden circle of wood that lies at the center of the stage of the grand ole opry. Out of the maximum capacity of 4400 people, only 100 can avail the VIP treatment and enjoy some quality time in the Grand Ole Opry luxury lounge. You can relax in the room for as much time as you like. The amount of intimacy and VIP treatment that you can avail is unmatched.

Don’t Worry About The Lines Anymore

Since the Opry is such a well known place, you’ll see long lines of people trying to get in the house especially when a big event is about to happen. So, you can get the VIP access in such times and get preferential treatment. You’ll get a dedicated entrance into the venue, and that is a great pleasure for the attention seekers.

You Can Meet The Artists in Person

Opry treats its VIP guests really well, and you can get an idea of the quality of their VIP service from the fact that they let one of the artists performing in the house get into the circle room and answer the questions of their VIP guests. So, you can get the chance of meeting the country singers in person and ask about their personal experiences.

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