All About The Dad Shoe

If you have been reading up on fashion these days you probably already know about a little something called the dad shoe. This is a specific kind of shoe that has been making waves recently, and the strange thing is that it’s not making waves because of the fact that it’s new and cutting edge, rather it’s making waves because of the fact that it hearkens back to an older and more innocent time, and it tends to capture an image of 90s suburbs fatherhood that a lot of millennials will find to be quite nostalgic.

Nostalgia in general is one of the driver factors that is making the dad shoe such a popular option for a lot of people. As millennials grow older and start to become fathers themselves, the demands for dad shoes are becoming higher than ever, and brands are responding to this demand by creating various versions of the dad shoe all of which are important and useful in their own way. However, before you learn about what brands are doing with the dad shoe, you should try and figure out what the dad shoe actually is.

Dad shoe is a term that is used to describe a chunky sort of sneaker, one that was very popular in the 90s but fell in popularity in the 2000s due to their perceived aesthetic inferiority to other kinds of shoes. However, in an era of increasing streamlining and sleekness the dad shoe has somehow managed to make a comeback, and this doesn’t all have to do with nostalgia value either. Sales are going up and there is another reason why dad shoes are becoming so popular in this modern day and age other than the fact that the children of the people who wore these shoes initially are becoming fathers themselves.

Another factor that is having an impact on the popularity of the dad shoe is the fact that it is extremely comfortable. A lot of people are going for comfort as opposed to style these days, and as the millennial generation grows up and out of its awkward phase, the popularity of the dad shoe is a sign that they are willing to sacrifice style so that they can get items of clothing such as shoes that are going to be a little more on the comfortable side all in all.

Big name brands like Nike are developing throwback versions of these shoes, and even high end fashion designers are developing their own versions of dad shoes all of which are contributing to the enormous influx that this kinds of shoes are currently seeing on the market all in all. The popularity of these shoes is a sign of the times, but it’s also just a way for millennials to remember the way their own dads used to do things, and this is leading to a lot of change in society as far as the shoes we wear are concerned.